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MENA Politics

Understanding MENA politics is a vital component of evaluating, positioning, planning, and executing pronounced objectives, whether for corporations or government agencies. Elements of power and authority, such as governance, security, rule of law, or commerce, all have and continue to shape the operational context of MENA states. At iStrategic we utilize our expertise in MENA governance, power structures, state capacity, legal system, counter-terrorism efforts and military capabilities to provide a clear contextual background for detailed realistic long, and short term, planning. At iStrategic we go beyond traditional political research, when analyzing risk, to recognize and anticipate trends in domestic power relations, aspirations of current and future political elite, and pertinent discussions of state intelligencia as crucial elements for optimized decision-making. We increase our clients’ political adaptive capabilities in the new market. iStrategic services give our clients an insider’s view and first hand account of the main drivers of MENA states’ politics.

iStrategic is committed to delivering actionable insights based on facts and sound interpretation of intelligence, we understand the dynamics that shape political, economic and security environments in MENA. We give our clients the strategic advantage of understanding the mindset and motivations shaping the target state/business sector in MENA.

iStrategic is a political consulting firm providing specialized guidance on Middle East and North Africa (MENA) affairs to the U.S. government and the private sector. With first hand native knowledge of the MENA region, iStrategic is uniquely positioned to provide intelligent and sound analysis our clients need to skillfully navigate a shifting political, security and economic landscape, anticipate the risks and optimize decision outcomes when it matters most.