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Firm Expertise

  • Political Risk Assessments
  • Country Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cultural Training
  • Strategic Monitoring
  • Sector Specific Analysis and Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Due Diligence

Middle East and North Africa's (MENA) political and security landscape is shifting, hence collecting intelligence, information and data is not enough. Relying on outdated ways of understanding the region can result in less than optimum outcomes. At i-Strategic we understand that social, political and security signs have preceded all political and security events and crisis that transpired in MENA since 2011, and more acutely in 2014 onward. Capturing and pinpointing crucial political, security and socio-economic signs require culturally sensitive eyes, and regional intelligence trained to translate signs into actionable insight, and insight to opportunity. Our focus is primarily on political risk assessment, foreign policy, security, counter-terrorism, investment policies and business intelligence. We contend that having a proactive strategy is indispensable for today's international corporations, business ventures, government and investment missions in the MENA region.

Political Risk Consultants and Advisers

i-Strategic consultants engage with our clients in strategic sessions, and custom advice. Our consulting service helps our clients with strategic decisions regarding critical investments, market entry strategies, cultural training, and support government agencies in fine tuning their intelligence output. In addition, i-Strategic provides guidance to IGO and NGO operations in the Middle East and North Africa.

In-Depth Reports

i-Strategic offers our clients Executive Briefs, Macro and Micro level Political Risk Assessments, Strategic Monitoring, Cultural Training, Business Intelligence & Business Development, and Custom Research and Analysis, as a one-time service, or on a recurring biweekly or monthly basis. We provide our clients custom solutions. These in-depth reports provide a reference point for executives and managers to optimize decision-making and decision outcomes when it matters most.


Our professional presenters and keynote speakers can engage and inform your team, while presenting the latest political, investment opportunities, and security developments in MENA. Our speakers can also delve into a specific MENA country profile in a seminar, followed by Q & A, or in a casual interactive format. Be sure to inquire about i-Strategic's Executive Outlook presentation series. Executive Outlook, on premise, presentations are tailored for senior management. Topics include: FDI, strategic infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, privatization, and joint venture opportunities in MENA. Current and projected Geopolitical and Geostrategic disruptions in MENA are also discussed as part of the Executive Outlook presentation series.