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i-Strategic   The Premium Source for Your Strategic Approach to the Middle East and North Africa Region

i-Strategic is a political consulting firm specializing in the Middle East and North Africa region. We offer our services to the private sector and the U.S. government. Our services include: Political Risk Assessment, Country Analysis, Business Intelligence, Cultural Training and Strategic Monitoring.

The experts at i-Strategic are highly specialized and provide expert guidelines, insight and fact based analysis on economic, investment, security, regulatory environment, and political stability in the MENA region. We are guided by the facts only. At i-Strategic we adjust as circumstances and realities change on the ground. Our loyalty does not lie with agendas or ideologies, but rather with truth and objective evaluations.

Towards Better MENA Policy

Every state in the greater MENA region has its unique foreign policy, civil society, socioeconomic norms, security and transnational terrorism concerns, investment, business and FDI regulations. These and many more factors influence and drive policy outcomes. At i-Strategic we recognize effective strategies for successful cooperation, expanding the private sector, forging trade agreements, stabilization and rebuilding missions, fighting terrorism and lasting security coordination as significant and vital foreign policy matters.

Reports and Analysis

We offer in-depth reports and analysis as per our client’s specifications and exclusivity needs. We provide Custom Research and Analysis, Strategic Monitoring and Executive Briefs in topics including MENA foreign policy, security, political risk assessments and investment policies. We are deeply committed to be the preferred consultants for international corporations and the U.S. government to deliver reliable analysis and insights into future strategic opportunities.

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