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Market Entry Strategies for MENA Region


Entering new markets, successful brand positioning, and triumphing over regional and international competition is a challenge, especially in the MENA region. Our client’s vision can be made into reality with determination, hard work, and a strategic approach. i-Strategic is a consultancy firm that provides specialized guidance on Middle East and North Africa affairs to the private sector aiming at expanding their business in the MENA market.

Setting up a branch or a new headquarter, launching a joint venture, exploring free economic zones in MENA, …etc can be rewarding and profitable if qualified expertise and area specialists are on hand.

i-Strategic.. A Comprehensive Approach to Market Entry

The role we play for our clients is a crucial one. In addition to best-researched data, analytic reports including SWAT analysis, due diligence, concrete guidelines and the accurate facts about sector specific regulations and labor laws, we vet possible local partner options, and make initial introductions if required.

Our research covers the structure and dynamics of the local and regional market as it pertains to the client’s specific interests, potential organizational designs, whether the option of local partnership is required/feasible or not, local and regional competition, Public-Private partnership options, B2B dynamics, and the legislative framework of the state. Once the research is done and a report is produced, half of the job is done. We then discuss with our clients the most profitable approach whether it is franchising, licensing, direct exporting, partnering, M&A, etc. our clients will have a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of every option available to them.

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