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Through cultural training i-Strategic aims to provide clients with:

  • A successful market entry strategy
  • Establishing good-will with local regulatory institutions and local authority
  • Effective interaction and achieving the desired cooperation level
  • Staff integration
  • Trust building
  • Cost-effective time and money investment

If you are willing to expand your business venture, and invest in foreign markets, especially in MENA region, you need to take a serious approach towards intercultural competence. Expectations, norms and values of your local partner in a MENA country are crucial to comprehend and to strategically integrate in the business model. The stark diversity between MENA states’ cultures, norms and expectations might be a market barrier for less-prepared business corporations. At i-Strategic we know first hand how much gaining trust and respect counts towards a rewarding and successful business venture.

i-Strategic Cross-Cultural solution:

At i-Strategic, we have competent and highly qualified experts who made cultural training their expertise. Cultural training is a vital component to enhance the yield of efforts made by business and project launchers in MENA.

The cultural training we provide functions with the objective of:

  • Creating awareness of the historical, ethnic, religious and cultural background of population in the particular MENA state.
  • Highlighting specific characteristics¬† which will effect and influence the business venture.
  • Utilizing norms and expectations as a business and investment enhancer rather than an obstacle.
  • Devising strategies which will minimize cultural barriers.
  • Regional comparative analysis.
  • Building crucial communication skills and training in unspoken cultural sensitivities.

All these objectives are fulfilled in the cultural training provided by i-Strategic, a highly dependable political risk analysis and consulting firm. Once we sign a contract with our client, we stand along side them in what can be, if strategically and culturally prepared, a very rewarding and profitable venture.

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