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Our facts based analysis will illuminate the optimal action plan.


Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the politics, economics, languages & societies of the Middle East is utilized to provide the highest quality services.

Political Risk Consulting Firm


We provide in-depth reports and analysis for our clients, on Middle East and North Africa politics, economics and security.

Political Risk Analysis And Consulting Firm – iStrategic International

Understanding the Middle East and North Africa, in a geopolitical and geostrategic sense, is not merely an intellectual pursuit. Rather it requires a unique cultural imperative acquired by understanding the region from an insider’s perspective.

At i-Strategic We Believe

Antiquated ways of thinking about the Middle East and North Africa, and the prevailing discourse has not contributed to effective policies.

Traditional approaches to country analysis and political risk assessment have under-served corporations and investment firms seeking to expand into the Middle East and North Africa market.

Formulating sound policies, effective counter-terrorism measures, and correctly assessing business opportunities requires a profoundly different approach.

At i-Strategic We Deliver

As a political risk analysis and consulting firm, we provide actionable insights and analysis based on facts and sound interpretation of intelligence.

Focused consultation and advise, and rigorous research that illuminates insider perspectives, socioeconomic determinants, and cultural context. This allows our clients to extract the maximum value from consultations, strategic monitoring reports and political risk assessments.

The highest standards of integrity. Our consultations and reports are neutral, fact based and confidential. Find out more about our services and solutions by clicking the following links:

Political Risk Assessment | Business Intelligence | Executive Outlook | Cultural Training | Country Analysis

pixelNow available: Turkey Political Risk Assessment Report.

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